Why can’t I use my own solicitor?

When you need to have something notarised, it is usually because it is to be used abroad. The acts of Public Notaries are recognised in other countries, while the acts of solicitors are generally only accepted in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

How much will a Public Notary cost?

Once I have received the details of your requirements, I will provide a fixed fee quotation. All prices are quoted net of VAT. Where translation and courier services are required, I will provide details of the costs involved.

What is Legalisation?

Depending on circumstances, a notarised document for use abroad may also need to be produced to:

  • the UK Foreign Office
  • the London consulate of the receiving country; or
  • the UK Foreign Office and to the London consulate of the receiving country.

You can deal with this yourself or I offer an express courier service (where Consular procedures permit).

What is the Apostille?

Where both countries are signatories to the Hague Convention (this includes most European countries), Legalisation is replaced with a procedure where the document is produced to a government department and given a certificate known as the Apostille. In the UK, this is the Foreign Office. I offer an express courier service to return documents with Apostille within 24 hours of notarisation.