Central London Notary helping you with your business and personal matters overseas

Public Notary LondonIf you’ve been told you need a Notary Public, then it’s likely that you need your identity verifying for a legal system overseas, you are embarking on a property or commercial transaction overseas or you need documents authenticating for a foreign jurisdiction. There are all sorts of other reasons why people need a Notary Public. If you’ve been told you need one, you’re starting in the right place.

As a Notary Public, I am one of 50 or so Notaries working in London and one of about 800 Notaries working in England and Wales. There may only be few hundred of us but our services are essential.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is the only legally-recognised, independent professional qualified and certified to oversee transactions and to authenticate documents and identities for other jurisdictions.

Overseas lawyers, solicitors, notaries, administrations, consulates and even judges frequently need a Notary Public to verify a document, signature or identity is authentic and valid. Without our Notary stamp, they may not be able to complete or ratify a transaction or process.

A Notary Public can also arrange Legalisations by The Foreign Office or Consulates and courier documents to their ultimate destinations.

Working from the heart of Central London

Notary Patrick o Donnell is based in the City of London at St Clement's House

My Notary practice is based in Central London and I work for people all over London. My practice is based in Clements Lane, off Lombard Street, in the heart of the City of London. For those who work in the City of London, I can offer flexible appointments on the doorstep during lunch hours or after work. I can also meet at your place of work or your solicitor’s practice if based in Central London.

People come to me from all over England and Wales and my central London location makes me easy to find. I can preview documents received by e-mail or fax, making sure that the time spent together in meetings is as productive as possible.

Acting worldwide & a special interest in Italy

Central London Notary with Italian Legal Specialism Patrick O DonnellI act as a Notary Public in relation to every country worldwide. I am able to process documents and matters in Italian and French, which has helped many clients needing a Notary Public for their business and personal affairs in those countries. Having lived in Italy for a while, I have established good working relationships with Italian lawyers and I am able to help with a range of Anglo/Italian issues.